Three Altcoins to Watch in 2019

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There are thousands of digital assets populating the cryptocurrency asset market. While it is definitely simple to do nothing more than buy bitcoin and HODL, there are other opportunities further afield. 

Amongst the primary reasons for seeking to make crypto investments beyond BTC is the potential for outsized gains. While BTC is no slouch when it comes to generating positive returns for investors, some altcoins have far outperformed it in the same timeframe. 

Additionally, if you hold Bitcoin in your portfolio, you aren’t making more BTC. For many traders, the name of the game is making more BTC when and if possible. The only way to do so is to trade out of BTC to either fiat or another cryptocurrency.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at three altcoins to watch in 2019.

Ren ($REN)

Ren started out as a dark pool solution, but has evolved into much more than that. A dark pool is a ‘secret order book’ that hides the amounts of cryptocurrency being traded. The purpose of a dark pool is simple: Trade cryptocurrency without moving markets by signaling the size of the trade.

At the core of the dark pool concept, however, is privacy. Ren discovered how to create and maintain secret computations that effectively shield transactions in complete privacy. 

Ren’s secret computation virtual machine is capable of much more than just secret transactions. The RenVM also provides interoperability between blockchains while adding total privacy to them as well. 

With Ren’s mainnet going live and a raft of financial protocol’s express interest in using it, Ren is one to watch going forward.

Harmony ($ONE)

Harmony is building a public blockchain that it hopes will one day handle the computational needs of billions of people globally. It primarily plans to accomplish that goal by supporting its smart contract-enabled platform with the ability to scale uncompromisingly fast.

What Harmony aims to solve, above all, is the impossible triangle blockchain problem. Essentially, blockchains haven’t been able to be decentralized, secure, and high-performance all at once. There tends to be a sacrifice in one direction or another. Harmony claims to have solved this trilemma, and certainly has the team qualifications to back that claim.

Chainlink ($LINK)

Chainlink has long been a favorite amongst the Reddit crowd, but the reasons for why are easy to see.

That’s because Chainlink is a blockchain oracle that is gaining swift adoption. An oracle pulls information from outside of blockchains and feeds them back to the chain so that the information can become actionable. 

Imagine a blockchain-based weather Dapp which needs outside data to populate its fields and actually work. Currently, unless that data is also on a blockchain (and the same one at that), it won’t work with the blockchain weather Dapp. 

However, with Chainlink, that same Dapp can query off-chain sources and bring them onto its blockchain. In effect, Chainlink opens the entire world up for blockchains and makes them functional beyond their silos.

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