Cryptocurrency Trends to Watch for In 2019

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Cryptocurrency Trends to Watch for In 2019

As the days press on and summer shines its bright light around the northern half of the world, the crypto market is developing at a blazing pace. 

While it is often said that things happen quickly in cryptocurrency, the speed with which they do happen is often underestimated. Before you know it, some of the industry’s most relevant and timely events have come, gone, and are well in the rearview mirror before you’ve had time to blink.

There’s nothing more empowering than being a savvy investor who not only is invested in the right places, but also knows when the vital moments for certain digital assets are on the way. Even without a specific date, knowing that an event is generally afoot is already being a step or three ahead of the game.

With several months still to play for in the year 2019, there are myriad opportunities for being in the right place at the right time. 

Bitcoin Halving

The most important upcoming cryptocurrency trend is the Bitcoin halving. It’s still a bit of a ways off – it is projected to happen in May 2020 – but those who are well ahead of time will reap the spoils. 

Bitcoin’s current block reward is 12.5 BTC. Every time a block is mined, 12.5 BTC are freshly minted and released into the circulating supply. However, in May 2020, that reward will be halved, hence the halving, to 6.25 BTC. That means half the amount of BTC will release into circulation for the four years between May 2020 and some time in 2024. 

Bitcoin’s demand has been steadily rising as it finds adoption in mainstream locations like Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Norwegian Air. With an increase in demand and a halving of the supply, BTC prices are projected to take a huge jump up.

Previous halvings saw BTC prices start rising a year before the actual event took place.


Cryptocurrency Regulations Are Coming

This is the year that crypto regulations will finally take hold of the industry. For many, that’s a sad fact, as they prefer the Wild West nature of it all. However, cryptocurrency regulations will be welcome to those who have been waiting for industry oversight before jumping in.

In recent surveys, institutional investors have stated that the only thing holding them back from investing in cryptocurrency is the lack of regulatory oversight. With that finally coming into focus, we’re anticipating increased firm size investment. 

That’s been the trend through most of this year, and we expect it will continue or increase.

Altcoins Will Step Up Their Game

Altcoins have been getting slaughtered on the charts while Bitcoin has been coming into focus. The primary reason is that investors simply don’t see the value in altcoins that they once did relative to Bitcoin.

Here’s the thing – altcoin projects know that this is a crucial moment for the longevity of their projects. They’ll need to start delivering real value, or they’ll go the way of the dodo – and that’s a fact, Jack.

With altcoins having to bring something to the game or fade away, a general cleansing of the market will see the best technologies come forward. That’s an undeniable win for both retail investors and the blockchain industry. In other words those who have something real to contribute to the blockchain industry will remain and those who just wanted to take a lift on the hype of cryptocurrency wont be lasting on the long run.

Cryptocurrency Trends to Watch for In 2019

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