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The coin is about to finish another week in the red.
While writing this review, the coin prices continue to go down (-5.2%) reaching the support line of 7392$ (CoinBase Price).

Closing below 8073$ will represent the lowest weekly closing price since November 2017.

As for now the trend is still down and there are no signs for changes what so ever.

Support can be found at 7392$ in case this week will not close below and further down the road at 4626$.
Resistance can be found at 8073$ and at 9598$.

coin Chart


The Ethereum suffers massive declines in the past 2 weeks.
In case the weekly price will close as is, the Ethereum will represent one of the worst week in terms of Ethereum performances.

The declines in prices we experience recently are a combination of regulations issues and obviously traders and investors fear from its results.

While writing this review the Ethereum price (476$ CoinBase Price) is going sharply down representing a decline of -13.42% with relatively high volumes as well.

Support levels can be found at 474$ in case the Ethereum price will not finish the week below.
Down the road we still have 353$ as a massive support level and 228.31$ which seems pretty far.
Resistances can be found at 611$ and 811.35$.

At the moment from a daily and weekly perspective the trend is still down with no positive sign what so ever.

Ethereum Chart


Same as the coin and the Ethereum,
The Ripple is in the red for two weeks in a row with moderate trading volumes.

After breaking the 0.75$ support level and showing no positive sign it was pretty clear that the downtrend will be maintained and the Ripple will continue south.

Unlike the Ethereum, the ripple has already experienced worst weeks than this week,
Having said that at this point of time, the Ripple is going down -34% this week.

The current weekly and daily trend is down with no positive signs.

Support levels can be found down the road at 0.4341$ and at 0.2807$
Resistance levels can be found at 0.8155$ and above at 0.8989$

Ripple Chart

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