Coinbase to List New Crypto currencies

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Coinbase to List New Crypto currencies

Coinbase, the United States based wallet provider and crypto currency exchange has finally received approval from the SEC and FINRA to list digital assets that are considered to be securities.

Recently Coinbase acquired Keystone Capital Corporation, Digital Wealth LLC and Venovate Marketplace Inc. They did so in order to expand their the type of assets they could offer. A spokesperson for Coinbase announced that these acquisitions will allow them to merge technologies in a synergistic manner.

Additionally, a week ago, Coinbase said that they were exploring the possibilities of adding more altcoins to their buy and sell options. Some of the coins to be listed include Cardano, Basic Attention Token, ZRX and perhaps the most exciting, XLM or Stellar Lumens. However, it should be noted that Coinbase does not guarantee that these altcoins will be listed on their platform.

During March, the Securities and Exchange Commision announced that trading altcoins that were considered securities must first register with them as an exchange and that they would be governed using the same rules and guidelines as other traditional marketplaces and exchanges.

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