Apple’s Steve Wozniak Eyes Blockchain

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Apple’s Steve Wozniak Eyes Blockchain

One of the Co-Founders of Apple, Steve Wozniak just recently made an announcement about his involvement with a new blockchain project. He admitted that this will be his first stab at blockchain technology and projects.

Steve unveiled his future plans at the blockchain conference in Las Vegas that occurred between August 13 and the 15th. During his announcement, Wozniak gave praise to the potential benefits blockchain technology stating:

“I’m involved with, very soon, my first time being involved in a blockchain company. Our approach is not like a new currency, or something phony where an event will make it go up in value. It’s a share of stock, in a company. This company is doing investment by investors with huge track records in good investments in things like apartment buildings in Dubai.”

“It’s so independent! It’s kind of like the internet when it was brand new… I was amazed at the technology behind it. I’ve encountered people working in real estate avenues, types of Uber systems, everything we’ve got in our life, especially involving transactions; Every single one you hear about, to me, has value…. A few people can see the value, which reminds me very much of the early internet days.”

Steve Wozniak compared the Ethereum blockchain with Apple’s App Store stating that both the ETH blockchain network and the Apple App Store allow anyone to develop and run their own apps.

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